03-3862-1551 17世紀に創業以来、上質な傘を作り続けています。

Company Profile

History of Kanei


Hiyai, the predecessor of Kanei Corporation, has traded Kai silk (silk fabric) from Yamanashi in the direction of Kyoto since the Edo period Genroku, and since the Meiji era it was reported that he started silk fabrics for umbrellas I am.
From the beginning, I have been making things in the spirit of seeking something better.
And now, we continue to take on that spirit and continue to make quality umbrellas.


Japan and Britain
Silver reward reward reward

This photograph is a certificate when Hiyai, the predecessor of Kanei Corporation, won a silver medal for Kai Silk (silk fabric) for an umbrella that was exhibited at the Japan - English Expo in 1910 (Meiji 43).

Kaigado signpost


To Hyogo Prefecture Cultural Property
Specified signpost

A guidepost built by Hiyai Hyogo prefecture by Hiyai Kakuemon in 1809(Bunka 5).
In the legend from the ancestor, when the Hiyai Kakuemon went to the Kansai area for business, I got lost in the vicinity of the Kiyomizudera in the clan region, and when I was about to die due to cold and fatigue, I passed. I was able to save my life by being assisted by the Daimyo queue.
From this, it is said that we set 10 signposts on the highway of Han domain for travelers.

There is a signpost near the Nishi-Saka entrance. This signpost is well satisfied with various conditions as a signpost, such as a builder, origin of construction, character engraving method, and the condition is very good. Specifically, the construction starts in the fifth year of culture (1808) December, the builder is Koshu Hiyai Kamonemon, the inscription is "Banshu Scenic Spot Guardian Shunsu Shimizu Midget Drama - (abbreviation) -" , The origins of the construction over 110 characters are stated quoting China's story. This signpost became a corporate designated cultural asset in November 1991.



Parapluie is an information publication which we issued in 1970 (Showa 45)
In addition to the introduction of our umbrella, the latest information on Western fashion at that time, tie-up plan with artists in each industry, etc. was full of reading, it was a novel brochure at that time.
Here, I remembered a little then, I will introduce from the first issue to the fourth issue.

Company Profile

【会社名】 Kanei Corporation
【代表者】 Shinya Watanabe
【本社】 2-4-5, Higashi-Nihombashi, Chuo-ku, Tokyo, 103-0004 【MAP】
【営業所】 〒107-0062 東京都港区南青山6-12-10
【電話】 (03)3862-1551
【FAX】 (03)3862-1554
【株式会社設立年月日】 昭和31年2月1日
【創業年月日】 元禄時代(1600年後半)
【資本金】 48,000千円
【取引銀行】 三井住友銀行 ・ みずほ銀行
【営業品目】 1.繊維品の企画 ・ 製造 ・ 販売
2.洋品雑貨の企画 ・ 製造 ・ 販売


Bamboo Seven



元禄時代 1600年後半 祖先肥谷井角衛門、甲斐絹(絹織物)をすでに京都方面に販売
文化5年 1808年 丹波と丹後の国境いの辺り(現在の兵庫県加東郡)に石碑を建立
明治43年 1910年 日英博覧会に甲斐絹を傘用の生地として出品、銀賞を受賞
昭和24年 1949年 渡辺真太郎が肥谷井より独立し肥谷井真商店を設立
昭和31年 1956年 株式会社肥谷井商店と改組
昭和34年 1959年 商号をカネ井織物株式会社と改名
昭和37年 1962年 資本金6,000千円に増資
昭和38年 1963年 資本金12,000千円に増資
昭和41年 1966年 資本金15,000千円に増資
昭和46年 1971年 社名をカネイ株式会社と改称
平成19年 2007年 傍系のカネイ商事と合併

Achievements to date

■ Yang umbrella habitat sector
■ Women to serve the sector

OEM orders based on antique samples of French print landings of tens of thousands of patterns since the 1800's

■ Sub-service sector

DICK & JANE brand development since 1973 Italy C. P. COMPANY brand license agreement since 1982 (until 2001)


Kanei Corporation
Address:  2-4-5, Higashi-Nihombashi, Chuo-ku, Tokyo, 103-0004
Access: Toei subway Asakusa Line, Higashi-Nihombashi Station/B1 2 minute walk
TEL: 03-3862-1551(10:00 - 18:00) 
Closing day:  Saturday, Sunday, Holiday
MAIL: office[at]